Thursday 26 September 2013

Canadian Portrait of HM The Queen Unveiled at Rhodes House, University of Oxford

On 20th September a reception was held at Rhodes House at the University of Oxford to mark the unveiling of an unofficial Canadian portrait of HM The Queen. The portrait, which depicts Her Majesty in a suitably regal manner, was painted by the noted Canadian portrait painter (and full time medical doctor) Dr. Suan-Seh Foo of Toronto. The painting was donated to Rhodes House by the great Canadian philanthropist Dr. Terrence Donnelly, LL.D., O.Ont, also of Toronto.

Unveiling of the Canadian Portrait of HM The Queen,
Rhodes House, University of Oxford. 20 September 2013.
Dr. Terrence Donnelly, LL.D., O.Ont. stands in the centre.
Dr. Donnelly is flanked, on his right, by the artist Dr. Suan-Seh Foo and,
on his left, by one of the very few Canadians to have received a knighthood,
Prof. Sir John Bell FRS, Regius Professor of Medicine at Oxford University.

Dr. Terrence Donnelly addresses the assembled guests whilst
Dr. Suan-Seh Foo looks on.

Home to the world famous Rhodes Scholars, Rhodes House is an enduring testament to the unity of the English Speaking Peoples and the common values, beliefs and interests that they share. The building features innumerable symbols and references to the United States and the various countries, colonies and regions that constituted the British Empire in 1928.

The gardens at the rear of Rhodes House.
Carvings representing Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Africa
are on either side of the bay window.

Arms of Canada
(Also featuring a fish for Newfoundland)

New Zealand
South Africa and other African references (West Africa, East Africa, Egypt & Sudan, Southern Rhodesia) 
The main bay window in the great hall features two carvings -- this one representing Great Britain and, opposite, another one representing the USA (next photo). This carving includes the arms of Shakespeare , Milton and Oliver Cromwell!

Carving Representing the United States of America
in the main bay window

The Front of Rhodes House, University of Oxford

Inside of the dome in the lobby of Rhodes House featuring emblems and symbols of the constituent parts of the British Empire in 1928: Rose of England, Trek Wagon for Afrikaners in South Africa, Southern Cross and Anchor of Good Hope for the Union of South Africa, Zimbabwe Bird for Rhodesia, Irish Shamrock, Sphinx for Egypt and the Sudan, 4 star Southern Cross for New 
Zealand, African head for West Africa, Welsh Dragon, Palm Trees and Shell and Pineapple for tropical colonies, 5 star Southern Cross for Australia, Star of India, Scottish Thistle, Fish for Newfoundland, Maple Leaf for English Canada, Fleur-de-Lys for French Canada.

Bust of Cecil Rhodes Under the Dome in the Lobby of Rhodes House

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