Sunday 24 October 2010

Join The Churchill Centre and Churchill War Rooms

As a member of the Churchill Centre (formerly the International Churchill Society) for 20 years, I encourage all interested persons to consider joing The Churchill Centre and Churchill Museum at the Cabinet War Rooms.  Here is the Centre's latest video:

You Tube Video:

The Centre "was founded in 1968 to educate new generations on the leadership, statesmanship, vision, courage and boldness of Winston Spencer Churchill. Over 4000 members around the world, aged from ten to over ninety, work together to impress the record Churchill's life and deeds on the 21st century.

"The Centre sponsors an International Churchill Conference and numerous regional events; Churchill tours in Britain, Australia, France, South Africa and Morocco; academic symposia; student seminars; and the periodic Churchill Lecture, in which prominent world figurews apply Sir Winston’s experience to today’s issues. With grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Centre has conducted highly praised seminars for high school teachers in the USA and UK, to aid their appreciation and use of Churchill's story in their local curricula. The Centre website is a massive array of searchable facts and opinions.

"The Churchill Centre is politically non-partisan, but not apolitical. Its quarterly journal, Finest Hour, often touches on Churchill's political philosophy and its relevance to today's issues. Speakers span the political and cultural spectrum: William F. Buckley, Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, Alistair Cooke, William Manchester, members of the Churchill family, and many others.

"While The Churchill Centre's view of its subject is naturally positive, it is not hagiographic and publishes critiques as well as praise. According to Roosevelt-Churchill historian Warren Kimball, "Finest Hour has become a serious (and still entertaining) journal, earning the sobriquet 'The Journal of Winston Churchill,' which has taken Churchill from the clutches of the worshipful and given him over to the appreciative—those who can look at him, warts and all."

"Since 1983, the Patron of The Churchill Centre is The Lady Soames LG DBE, the only surviving daughter of Sir Winston Churchill. From 1970 to 1979, the Patron was The Lord Mountbatten of Burma.

 "How deeply moving it is to me to see how revered is my father's memory, which The Churchill Centre does so much to keep fresh and green."

Daughter of Sir Winston, Patron of The Centre

"The Churchill Centre has achieved an astonishing maintain access to his words is a true historical service, something his future will be very grateful for."

Private Secretary to Sir Winston, 1952-1965

"To the youth of America, as to the youth of all the Britains, I say, 'You cannot stop. It must be world anarchy or world order.  You will find in the British Commonwealth good comrades to whom you are united by other ties besides those of State policy and public need.  Law, language, literature...common conceptions of what is right and decent, a marked regard for fair play, especially to the weak and poor, a stern sentiment of impartial justice, and above all the love of personal freedom.  These are common conceptions on both sides of the ocean among the English-Speaking Peoples."

Harvard, 6 September 1943"

For More Information please visit: The Churchill Centre:


Gustavo Szwedowski de Korwin said...

This is something to share and foster. I was always an admirer of the “British Bulldog” (he was call like that at the River Plate area – is something funny, but I believe he would like this expression taking into account his sense of humor).

J.K. Baltzersen said...

Having severe reservations about the man, sir, I agree he is an interesting subject of study.