Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Standard of HRH Prince William of Wales

I was delighted to see the Standard of HRH Prince William of Wales flying at Wembley Stadium during the Concert for Diana. This may have been the first occasion that it was seen at a major event.


Alex said...

A nice crisp rendition, but it does show how awkward is the "standard" shape for this flag. Is there a photo of the Standard flying?


Consul-At-Arms said...


I just wish his brother had been able to take his into a combat zone.

Young Fogey said...

Dear Alex: I did not have a camera and I haven't located a photograph of the Standard flying. As I approached the Standard I could not see the label and I thought that a heraldic/vexilological gaffe had been made or, more unlikely, perhaps that The Queen had made an unscheduled appearance; it was only once I was very close indeed that I could finally see the three pointed label.

Dear consul-at-arms: Had Prince Harry gone to Iraq I fear flying his Standard might have made it rather difficult to hide his location from the enemy!!

Kind regards,


Lewd & Lascivious said...

I think it is wonderful that Britain is flying its flags (Prince William's Standard and the Union flag from public buildings)with such prominence at this key moment. It might seem a little ridiculous that I, an American, would notice or feel comforted/emboldened by these things, but I do. I love my country with everything I have, but in my heart I still feel that Britain is the center of civilization as we know it (I think of my home country as the boisterous and less refined,though very powerful and good hearted,cousin).
I'd love to know what the Young Fogey thinks of the princes--I myself have high hopes for the leadership I feel Prince William is capable of bringing when his time comes. Flying his standard is, I feel, a powerful statement of Britain's good future. And Harry won my heart with his determination to serve his country in Iraq--I don't know what the opinion is in England, but I think these princes are top-notch!

Consul-At-Arms said...

@Young Fogey:

True enough, perhaps a pennon/guidon version, in subdued colors, would be more appropriate.

The last thing I'd want is for the young gentleman to attract an extra share of incoming.