Saturday, 30 June 2007

Leading up to the Concert for Diana

Those wishing to view my (very) brief appearance on Canada's CTV Network last night, in which I discuss Sunday's Concert for Diana and the attending celebrity pop stars (certainly not my area of expertise!) may do so by clicking HERE FOR VIDEO. The video should play automatically on most computers. A 15 second commercial will start and, after a short pause, will be followed by the 2 minute video. Those who cannot abide celebrity gossip might prefer to fast forward 90 seconds.

Last night's broadcast was the final installment of a series of segments I had recorded for Canada's CTV Network and which were aired every evening last week in preparation for the Concert for Diana. Each segment dealt with a different subject (the charity work of Diana and her sons, the concert, the paparazzi, the funeral etc.) and all were incorporated into the daily entertainment news programme "E-Talk". Needless to say, last night's celebrity focus was far from my usual territory.

The Concert for Diana airs tomorrow from 4pm to 10pm GMT (11am to 5pm ET).

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Anonymous said...

I managed to watch several of your appearances this week. An excellent job! Not only knowledgeable, but you speak very well and have a great voice.